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Read Attorney General Bill Barr’s Prepared Statements Ahead of His Senate Judiciary Testimony

Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Attorney General Bill Barr’s prepared remarks were released on Tuesday evening, before his appearance in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding his controversial treatment of the Mueller report. Adding to the controversy was a Tuesday-night leak in which Barr reportedly received a letter from Robert Mueller on March 27 in which the special counsel informed Barr that his four-page summary of the report “threaten[ed] to undermine” the investigation. (Barr had told the Senate on April 10 that he “[didn’t] know whether Bob Mueller supported my conclusion.”) You can read the prepared comments below — although the Tuesday-night leak is likely to push the hearing away from Barr’s provided statement.

Read Bill Barr’s Prepared Remarks Ahead of Senate Testimony