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Mueller’s First Post-Report TV Comment: ‘No Comment’

Photo: Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call,Inc.

On Easter Sunday in Washington, D.C., special counsel Robert Mueller attended mass at St. John’s Episcopal Church just north of the White House north lawn. Mueller, who maintained a devout press silence throughout his nearly two-year investigation into Trump-campaign contacts with Russia, didn’t appear ready to break that pattern: When reporters asked him questions on the next steps of the post-report process, Muller replied with a simple “No comment” and got into his white SUV.

Mueller may soon have to provide more expansive answers. On Thursday, shortly after Attorney General William Barr’s pre-report press conference, House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler sent the special counsel a letter, requesting that he testify before the committee “no later than May 23, 2019.” Some of those House questions may be similar to those asked by MSNBC’s Mike Viqueira on Easter. Would Trump be indicted if he were “anyone but the president”? Regarding obstruction of justice, “why didn’t [he] make a recommendation to Congress one way or the other?”

Robert Mueller’s First Post-Report TV Comment: ‘No Comment’