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All of the Problems With Joe Biden’s Logo, According to the Haters

Jo Biden’s logo. Illustration: Biden for President

Joe Biden is in. After months of speculation and dozens of other candidates entering the race, the former vice-president launched his campaign for president Thursday. With it came all the trappings of a campaign launch, including a video, a website, merch, and a new logo.

And what a bad logo it is! At least, that seems to be the prevailing sentiment on Twitter, a platform that’s notoriously anti-Biden. Here are the problems people have:

It’s an obvious rip-off of Obama’s logo.

It’s no secret that Biden plans to make a considerable effort to remind people of his association with the first black president of the United States. His logo is even doing some of the work for him, aping the circular shape of and red stripes of Obama’s logo.

It looks like his name is “Jo.”

With the “e” of “Joe” in red and the lack the letter’s vertical line, the logo makes it look like Biden’s first name is “Jo.”

It reminds people of Veep, in a bad way.

When the cloud-bothering character Jonah Ryan ran for Congress on HBO’s Veep, his embarrassingly bad logo was stylized with the “a” in his first name as a star. The result was a logo that read “Jon H Ryan,” and Biden’s logo is drawing comparisons.

Or maybe that “JO” stands for something else …

The Many Problems With Biden’s Logo, According to the Haters