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Very Normal President Celebrates Mueller Report With Game of Thrones Tweet

Very presidential. Photo: Twitter

It’s finally Mueller report day, baby. And if you had “Donald Trump tweets Game of Thrones meme to celebrate” on your Mueller bingo card … congrats! You win. This morning, following a press conference where Attorney General William Barr once again said the Mueller report found “no collusion” on the president’s part, the president celebrated on Twitter. “GAME OVER,” read the tweet in GOT’s signature font. It’s laid over a picture of Trump walking away into a cloud of darkness. All of this is very comforting and normal.

This isn’t the first time Trump, or more realistically whoever it is that watches GOT and helps him with social, has used this bit. In January, after 12 days of a government shutdown, Trump rolled up to a meeting and rolled out a “SANCTIONS ARE COMING” poster on the table. He had also previously tweeted it, too, back in November. The gag here, if you don’t watch the show, is some incredibly lame wordplay on the catchphrase “WINTER IS COMING.” Again, all very normal and comforting.

Following that November tweet, HBO put out a statement it was not pleased Donald Trump was co-opting its show for his own uses. “We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes,” the company said in a statement. Safe to say they will likely not be thrilled to see Trump is at it again. But honestly, compared to the video he tweeted earlier this spring which was edited to show Joe Biden fondling Joe Biden … this is kind of tame. I guess? Everything is wild, man.

Normal President Marks Mueller Day With Game of Thrones Meme