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Watch Amy Klobuchar’s ‘Please Clap’ Moment

Photo: Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

At a Monday town hall on CNN, senator and 2020 Democratic candidate Amy Klobuchar told the audience of her history of electoral wins in the ex-purple state of Minnesota: “When I started running for office, the other senator was Republican, the governor was Republican, and three of four constitutional officers were Republican. And then I started running and every single time I’ve run I’ve won every single congressional district in my state, including Michele Bachmann’s.”

Klobuchar paused, adding, “It’s when you guys are supposed to cheer, okay?”

The moment was immediately reminiscent of Jeb Bush’s February 2016 speech in which he promised a “quieter” presidency to an extremely quiet audience; Bush had to prod the New Hampshire audience with a notorious “Please clap.” Though Klobuchar handled the moment with more poise and humor than Bush — the former Florida governor said the phrase in a desperate, defeated tone — it’s not the ideal comparison for a candidate who’s currently winning just 2 percent of Democratic-primary voters, according to Morning Consult.

Watch Amy Klobuchar’s ‘Please Clap’ Moment