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Who Would Play Marianne Williamson on Saturday Night Live?

Marianne Williamson got people talking Thursday night. Photo: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Ben: Our friends at Vulture have litigated this question before, but tonight’s memorable Marianne Williamson performance at the Democratic debate raises it again: Who would play Marianne Williamson on Saturday Night Live? Cecily Strong?

Margaret: I want Marianne Williamson in every debate even if she doesn’t qualify.

Neil: Heidi Gardner could knock the spacey hippy-dippy affect out of the park.

Ben: Oh yeah.

Margaret: It’s kind of like Cecily Strong’s Jeanine Pirro accent? But about love and going to the moon, not being sheer evil.

Neil: Cecily? Kinda like her alien abduction character.

Jon: Girl you wish you didn’t talk to at a party. That character is almost literally Williamson.

Ed: You pop culture people …

Margaret: Okay, final answer: Williamson is what would happen if Jeanine Pirro impression and girl you wish you hadn’t started a convo with had a baby.

Who Would Play Marianne Williamson on SNL?