The Democratic Party Has United Its Warring Factions by Unleashing a Historically Bad Tweet

Photo: Screenshot via Twitter

How can Democrats beat the challenge of factionalism? We’re a year and a half away from a presidential election and the Democratic Party remains divided — even, one might say, in disarray. What can unite the party and help its voters see past their differences? The answer is: this historically bad tweet from the party’s official account.

This is, and I say this as an expert in doing bad tweets, an absolute masterpiece of a bad tweet. Most brands on Twitter have moved beyond the “clumsily adopted vernacular” school of marketing tweets (the cool new way to tweet, as a brand, is to pretend to be depressed), but the Democrats steadfastly refuse, and the result is something almost classically beautiful — colloquialisms perfectly out-of-date, used in a teeth-grindingly uncanny way; a pleading call to action, designed to harvest phone numbers for future spam texts, undergirded by the bizarre idea that people might actually want an “exclusive” Democratic Party wallpaper for their phones.

Whatever its specific merits, it’s overall a success: In Twitter feeds across the country, Bernie Bros and Hillbots, Warren Wackos and Buttigieg Busters, Moulton Maniacs and Castro Cutups — not to mention the host of angels and other faerie folk rallying to Marianne Williamson — have come together in shared purpose, to complain about and make fun of the Democratic Party’s social media strategy. If only Democrats could run against their own Twitter account next year.

Democrats Unite Warring Factions With Historically Bad Tweet