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PSA: Twitter Isn’t Notifying People If You DM Their Tweets

Illustration: Twitter

There are several circumstances under which Twitter will send you a notification: If you get a new follower. If your tweet is getting attention in the form of retweets and likes. If you receive a direct message. There is one circumstance under which Twitter will not — I said will not — notify you: If somebody sends one of your tweets to somebody else in a DM.

The sound you just heard was that of millions of gossips and rumormongers breathing a sigh of relief. Over the weekend, several hoax tweets claimed that Twitter was going to alert users when their tweets had been sent in a DM. Don’t believe a word: You aren’t going to be alerted if you do a bad tweet and lots of people are sharing it privately. Or a good tweet, I guess. It would probably be a bad tweet.

While I have your attention, this seems like as good a time as any to remind you that Instagram has not changed its algorithm, and anybody you see posting a picture asking you to like it just to make sure you’ll continue seeing their content under Instagram’s alleged new system is full of it. It’s an old hoax, but one that is once again making the rounds. The more you know.

PSA: Twitter Isn’t Notifying People If You DM Their Tweets