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Fox News Hosts: Of Course We’d Attack Obama, Praise Trump for Doing the Same Things

Trump and Kim in North Korea. Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

On Monday’s episode of The Five, the Fox News talk show better known for former hosts than current ones, panel members Dana Perino, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld praised President Trump for his impromptu meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un over the weekend.

The meeting, which saw Trump become the first sitting U.S. president to set foot in North Korea, was more spectacle than substance, but that didn’t matter to the Fox News hosts. Perino called the get-together “historic,” which is technically true, and Watters said, “I think everybody can agree we’re headed in the right direction … Historians will acknowledge that this step across the DMZ was a very powerful and important moment.”

Greg Gutfeld followed with a point that was both obvious and shockingly candid. “Of course they’re going to attack him,” he said of Democrats who’ve criticized Trump’s meeting with Kim. Then he admitted that if President Obama had done exactly what Trump just did, he and the other hosts on The Five would be doing a 180. “Let’s be honest: If it were an adversary from the other party, we’d be doing the same thing,” Gutfeld said.

“How dare Obama meet with a dictator with no preconditions!” Watters shouted. The target of his mockery? Himself.

The key exchange happens in this video at 3:30.

Fox Hosts: We’d Attack Obama, Praise Trump for Same Thing