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Let’s Look At NBC Politics’s Terrible Illustration of Joe Biden

Photo: NBC News

It’s debate night in America and everyone’s watching. Just kidding. The normal people who care about their sanity CNN are not watching and the politics maniacs are watching 10 people yell at each other about insurance premiums, and the truly insane people are also following Twitter at the same time.

If you were following the debate on Twitter, it’s possible you might have come across this image of, I think — and I’m not sure — but I think it’s Joe Biden.

Here is why it might be Joe Biden: the accompanying quote is from Joe Biden. Here is why it might not be Joe Biden: It does not look like Joe Biden. What is the truth? The simple fact is that we will never know.

Maybe it’s a sketch from an alternate universe in which Joe Biden got trapped in a transmogrification machine with Pepe the Frog. Maybe NBC News is sketching the candidates in real time.

Hey, quick question: is this Cory Booker? Maybe it’s Momo, the evil doll who is rumored to have caused billions of teen suicides.

Anyway, NBC News is having a hell of a night. Bizarro Joe Biden has entire the pantheon along with Ecce Homo, live-action Sonic, the Tom Brady court sketch, and the bust of Cristiano Ronaldo. Congrats to them.

Hey, Uh, Is This Supposed to Be Joe Biden?