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Ted Cruz’s Lawyers Compare Campaign Inconvenience to Experience of Rosa Parks

Photo: Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

It’s important to have a lawyer advocating in your corner with the right mix of argumentative vigor and restraint on hyperbole, but in a lawsuit filed with the Federal Election Commission, Senator Ted Cruz’s attorneys may have crossed the line on that second one. Suing over $10,000 that Cruz loaned to his campaign but has not been able to withdraw due to FEC regulations, his legal team wrote in a memorandum filed on June 28 that “the FEC also asserts that Senator Cruz and the Cruz Committee inflicted their injuries on themselves because they could have arranged to repay the Senator’s loans using pre-election funds. Yes, and Rosa Parks could have sat in the back of the bus.”

Comparing the loss of $10,000 for a senator with a reported net worth in the millions to the action of a civil-rights icon who ushered in the Montgomery bus boycott is a tough analogy to sell. But at least Cruz, in a 2015 presidential debate, said he’d put Rosa Parks on the $10 bill. (There was no word, though, from Cruz when the president announced the indefinite delay of the Harriet Tubman $20.)

Ted Cruz’s Lawyers Compare Him to Rosa Parks in FEC Suit