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Trump’s Method of ‘Liking’ Tweets Is Needlessly Complicated

“Ahh, there sure were some good tweets today.” Photo: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The irony of Donald Trump’s Twitter dominance is that, apart from his apparent mastery of the microblogging platform, he’s largely a luddite. He doesn’t use a computer, he’s likely never downloaded an app, and, as Politico reported Monday, he does all of his news reading (with the exception of Fox News chyrons) on paper.

He even has his staff print out the Drudge Report for him.

But the most eye-popping revelation from Politico’s dive into Trump’s reading habits is his decidedly analog method for “liking” tweets. First, a quick reminder of the accepted method for liking tweets: Click the heart.

Now, Trump’s method for “liking” tweets:

The president has even been known to sends printouts of tweets he likes. After he liked one Gaetz tweet, he had it printed by a staffer, signed it and requested that it be sent to Gaetz’s congressional office, where the now-framed tweet hangs.

Recalling Trump’s past as a hotelier, Gaetz said, “This is the proverbial Trump gift basket waiting for you in your suite or sent to you.”

The president’s Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, has liked only three tweets that remained liked. One, from 2013, is from someone telling Trump he’s “hurt the GOP as much as anybody.” Another, also from 2013, is a tweet promoting an article about Trump wines. And the third, from 2017, is from a liberal who writes that Trump is “just not presidential material.”

Among the tweets that Trump has previously liked, but subsequently unliked, is one praising Rihanna for her work-life balance.

Trump’s Method of ‘Liking’ Tweets Is Needlessly Complicated