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Who’s Standing Out in the Debate So Far?

The scene on Tuesday night. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Benjamin Hart: Who has stood out as having a good performance amid the interruptions and general disjointedness of this affair?

Ed Kilgore: Except for the shouting, I think Bernie’s done really well.

Jeb Reed: Yeah. Feels like the 2015–16 Bernie.

Matt Stieb: Bernie seems to be performing well, compared to criticisms last round that he just yelled. Having much of the debate focused on his signature issue helps.

Ezekiel Kweku: Is Hickenlooper still alive?

Ed Kilgore: I just tune out now when Beto speaks.

Adam Raymond: Yeah, he’s disappearing up there.

Ed Kilgore: Klobuchar’s managed to make more of an impression than in the first debates.

Ezekiel Kweku: I think Pete is acquitting himself well.

Margaret Hartmann: I think Bernie is doing well, I like Warren when she’s allowed to finish a thought, but that’s rare.

Margaret Hartmann: I agree Pete’s doing really well. I know way more about Bullock and Delaney than I want to know.

Eric Levitz: Yeah, can’t hurt Bullock.

Jeb Reed: I’d guess it’s helping Bullock — he’s clearly trying to appeal to the people who thought the field crowded too far left in the first debate.

Ed Kilgore: Yeah, I’d agree.

Benjamin Hart: And then there’s Marianne Williamson, who is bringing some moral clarity and coherence on racism to the table. I’ve been pretty impressed.

Who’s Standing Out in the Debate So Far?