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The Wildest Moments From the Second Democratic Debate, Night One

“Throw your hands up.” Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When CNN’s moderators weren’t cutting off candidates on Tuesday night during the second round of Democratic primary debates, they were pitting them against each another in an attempt to draw blood. It may not have been the best debate format, but it produced some entertaining moments. Here are some of the highlights:

Marianne Williamson’s defense against the dark arts

Think “wonkiness” will defeat the “dark, psychic forces” unleashed on this nation by President Donald J. Trump? Wrong!

Bernie gives a “damn” again

Sanders clearly found Tim Ryan’s suggestion that he didn’t know about his own Medicare for All bill annoying — maybe even more annoying than talk of Hillary’s emails.

Later, Ryan got back at Sanders, sharing some unsolicited advice on his speaking style.

Throw you hands in the air if you just don’t care … for people trashing you health plan

Or, in the case of John Hickenlooper, making fun of one of your signature moves.

Don’t tell Warren what we can’t do

Elizabeth Warren and John Delaney locked horns several times on Tuesday, with the little-known former Maryland congressman calling out the senator for being too far left. Warren responded with the biggest applause line of the night.

Later, she got another crack at Delaney — who’s very rich — in a discussion of her proposed wealth tax. She expressed her glee with a Monty Burns move.

Sanders dunks on Delaney, too

How does Sanders respond to claims that his Medicare for All plan is “political suicide”? Like this:

How is Sanders different from Trump?

Jake Tapper teed this one up for Bernie Sanders, and the senator was ready for it.

Pete Buttigieg provides a facepalm moment

During a discussion of racial issues, Pete Buttigieg was asked about a recent police shooting in South Bend. His answer began with him saying, “the racial divide lives within me.”

The reaction was universal:

Wild Moments From the Second Democratic Debate, Night One