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Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Owned a Painting of Bill Clinton in a Blue Dress

Photo: Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for RFK Human Right

Jeffrey Epstein’s collection of terrifying curiosities is a well-known phenomenon at this point, with reports from the past six weeks describing a commissioned mural of him imprisoned and surrounded by corrections officers; a life-size doll in a wedding dress that hung from a chandelier; a human chessboard; a stuffed black poodle complete with a statue of dog shit; his “pirate treasure;” and a temple on one of his private islands that reportedly locked from the outside.

In death, the list continues: According to law-enforcement sources who spoke with the New York Post, Epstein owned an oil painting of his acquaintance Bill Clinton in a blue dress that was on display in his Upper East Side townhouse. The painting — which features Clinton lounging in red heels over a chair in the Oval Office — was “hanging up there prominently as soon as you walked in in a room to the right,” the source said. “Everybody who saw it laughed and smirked.”

The painting has been matched to an oil work called “Parsing Bill,” sold by Australian-American artist Petrina Ryan-Kleid. According to the Post source, the work in Epstein’s mansion also appears to be oil, and its size is consistent with the dimensions of the original that Ryan-Kleid exhibited in 2012 when she graduated with an MFA from the New York Academy for Art. The dress appears similar to one that Hillary Clinton wore to the Kennedy Center Honors in 2009, though the color of the garment may also refer to the blue dress that Monica Lewinsky handed over to independent counsel Kenneth Starr, which a DNA test confirmed had Clinton’s semen on it. For the low price of $120, a 10 x 10 print of the now-cursed image is available for purchase at the online gallery Saatchi Art.

Epstein Owned a Painting of Bill Clinton in a Dress: Report