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Trump Spends Morning Mistakenly Adding Question Marks to Tweets

Donald Trump is no longer sure of anything. Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Should General Motors move back to America again? Do many people like the idea of giving capital-gains owners another tax cut? Should President Trump get the time back he lost to the Deep State investigating his corrupt relationship with Russia?

Normally, Trump would answer questions like this with a resounding “yes.” This morning, he phrased all of them as questions:

The only one of these propositions Trump could even conceivably be wavering about is indexing of capital gains for inflation. But given the fact that he has retweeted a message urging him to cut capital gains, it seems highly unlikely he is actually questioning it.

Possibly, in keeping with his new self-style image as King of the Jews, he has decided to adopt a Talmudic style of phraseology, presenting ideas as questions to be sorted through rather than his traditional exhortation. More likely, he has somehow mistakenly entered question marks in place of his trademark exclamation point.

Anchorman is a movie about a local television personality with a Trumpian ego and brain, who at one point reads his sign-off as a question because somebody entered a question mark into the teleprompter by mistake.

Now Trump has done it to himself? Three times?

Trump Spends Morning Mistakenly Tweeting Views As Questions