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Polls Shows de Blasio at Zero Percent in His City and State

The mayor was doing better when he was wandering around the Iowa State Fair. Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In a conversation with colleagues today, we were discussing the point at which it would be seemly and appropriate to nag low-polling Democratic presidential candidates to fold their tents and find something else to do in 2020. I allowed that October 1, the last day candidates can qualify for the next scheduled debate(s), would be a good time to begin putting a big ol’ L out there for some of these people.

But I wasn’t thinking about Bill de Blasio, who in this cycle is the exception to most rules, particularly those suggesting that having some sort of feasible electoral base is a prerequisite to a presidential run. The time to tell BDB to get out of the race was last month at the latest.

There’s fresh evidence, in case it was needed, of Hizzoner’s lack of presidential pizzazz, even (or particularly) among those who know him best: A new Siena College survey of the Democratic field shows him at zero percent in both New York City and New York State. Technically, I guess, he is tied for tenth in the city; three other candidates specifically mentioned in the poll also came across the line at zippo, nada, zilch in de Blasio’s town. In case you were wondering, the mayor matched that zero percent showing in the New York suburbs and upstate. And he has achieved a remarkably even level of support pretty much everywhere: Morning Consult’s large, influential tracking poll has him at the same zero percent nationally and in the early states. But this prophet’s lack of honor in his hometown really is special.

So go ahead and nag de Blasio to get out of the race right now. But be aware: He massively ignored such advice both before and after he announced for the presidency. He’s in it to lose it.

Polls Show de Blasio at Zero Percent in His City and State