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Trump: People Accusing Me of Politicizing Investigations Should Be Investigated Too

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President Trump is currently facing impeachment for demanding investigations of his political enemies (in this case, the FBI agents who looked into his Russia ties and Joe Biden). His response to this charge is, among other things, to demand investigations of even more political enemies.

The president’s rants include demands that Rep. Adam Schiff be investigated for “Fraud” and “Treason.”

The next day he proceeded to demands for Schiff’s arrest:

This is literally what Trump is being impeached for. It’s like a person accused of murder who becomes enraged during the trial and tries to strangle the prosecutor. How dare you accuse me of trying to investigate my enemies! I investigate you!

Tuesday morning, Trump renewed his demand that Schiff, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, be arrested for “fraudulently making up a statement”:

If making up statements and misattributing them to others was a crime for which a politician could be arrested, obviously Trump would have gone to prison long ago. In any case, Schiff did not do this. The controversy is that, in House hearings last week, Schiff summarized the message Trump delivered during a phone call with Ukrainian president Zelensky. Schiff said, “In not so many words, this is the essence of what the president communicates,” before reciting his summary of Trump’s threat. Schiff was not trying to make people think he was reading the actual transcript. He made it explicit that he was characterizing Trump’s message in his own words.

Meanwhile, Trump is trying to deny that he would order improper investigation oh his political enemy investigations while continuing to demand an improper investigation of his political enemy.

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