7 Unhinged Moments From Trump’s Dallas Rally

Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

President Trump is presumably under a lot of stress — melting down in meetings with Democratic lawmakers, facing an impeachment inquiry for risking national security in Ukraine, and single-handedly creating a power vacuum in the Middle East. At least his campaign scheduled an evening of self-care with his rally on Thursday night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. A MAGA highlight reel of the 87-minute speech is below, ranging from standard Trump insults to intensely callous comments on the new, disastrous chapter in the Syrian Civil War.

The U.S. should let the forces in northern Syria “scrap a little.”

Justifying his decision to surprise-withdraw U.S. forces and abandon Kurdish allies in northern Syria after a phone call with Turkish President Recep Erdogan, Trump said that “sometimes you have to let ‘em fight a little while … like two kids in a lot … let ‘em fight … and then you pull ‘em apart.” Trump did not mention that at least 300,000 have been displaced and 71 civilians have been killed following the withdrawal.

The Academy Awards are bad.

Fair enough. After a few insults lobbied at the press corps in attendance, the president said that the Academy Awards are failing because “it had stupid people” who opposed him. He made a similar statement in August, claiming that the ceremony had fallen “on hard times” because “they started taking us on.”

Dictators like him.
Another accurate depiction from the president:

Later, he would add that Turkish President Erdogan is a “gentleman” that just needs “a little tough love.”

His kids don’t benefit from nepotism.

Unlike Hunter Biden, the elder Trump children don’t benefit from their father’s station. Discussing Hunter’s tagalong to China on Air Force Two in 2013 — in which he had a “social visit” with a business partner on the official state trip — Trump asked, “Can you imagine if Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, or Ivanka Trump …” He didn’t finish the thought.

Texas made a “fortune” after Hurricane Harvey.

“You had a hurricane two years ago now. [Local GOP leaders] still keep calling me for money. ‘Sir could you give us another … Thank you for being so generous to Texas, sir.’” Describing federal recovery money injected into the state, Trump said that “you made a fortune on the hurricane.” The Category 4 storm in 2017 killed more than 100 and caused $125 billion in damages.

American presidents have wanted a deal with Turkey for “15 years.”

Trump claimed that the so-called cease-fire he arranged in northern Syria has been a goal of American foreign policy for 15 or 20 years, though the Syrian Civil War began in 2011.

Wind power means you can’t watch TV if the wind isn’t blowing.

Trump still willfully misunderstands how wind turbines work, even though, as CNN’s Daniel Dale notes, “the Energy Department has a whole thing on its website explaining that this thought is wrong.”

7 Unhinged Moments From Trump’s Dallas Rally