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Democrats Accused of ‘Regicide’ Against King Trump on Fox News

Joe diGenova called impeachment “regicide.” Photo: Fox News

Rudy Giuliani has spent the past month on cable news playing to an audience of one, with his spirited and frequently unhinged defenses of President Trump. But for all of his lunacy, one thing Giuliani hasn’t yet done is suggest that Trump is a king and that Democrats are trying to murder him.

On Tuesday’s episode of Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle, Joseph diGenova did what Giuliani hasn’t. The lawyer and ardent Trump fan appeared on the show right next to Giuliani, when he called the impeachment proceedings against Trump “regicide.”

“What you’re seeing is regicide,” said diGenova, who was under consideration for a role on Trump’s legal team last year. “This is regicide by another name, fake impeachment.” He bashed “despicable” Democrats, then called the whistle-blowers who have spoken out against Trump “suicide bombers that the Democrats have unleashed on the Democratic process.”

“It’s pretty obvious that this first suicide bomber who sent that complaint to the inspector general was a paid Democratic operative of the Democratic Party,” diGenova added, showing off the type of conspiratorial thinking that’s endeared him so much to Trump in recent years.

Ingraham let diGenova’s invocation of “regicide” pass without remark, even though Trump is not a king and no one is trying to kill him. But she did clarify his “suicide bomber” smear.

“You mean political suicide bomber, obviously,” Ingraham said, urging anyone who takes diGenova literally to “get a sense of humor.” Giuliani, sitting a few feet away, could not contain his laughter.

Dems Accused of ‘Regicide’ Against King Trump on Fox News