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Take the Quiz: Can You Tell Hannity’s ‘Questions’ From Trump’s ‘Answers’?

Donald Trump and Sean Hannity finish each other’s sentences. Photo: Fox News/YouTube

Last night, President Trump gave an interview to Fox News personality Sean Hannity. Or did Hannity give the interview to Fox News personality Donald Trump? Take the quiz to guess which of the following was a Hannity “question” and which was a Trump “answer.”

1. “We spent two and a half years hearing about Trump-Russia collusion. They ignore the dossier, and Ukraine admitting that they helped Hillary.”

2. “Look at the double standard, though. You’ve got Hillary and the dossier. You’ve got Ukraine interfering on her behalf. Then you’ve got Schiff, who’s been telling us for three years. Then he’s connected to the whistle-blower, so he can’t bring the whistle-blower in.”

3. “The dossier was totally fake, and now it’s been proven to be fake. People know how that was done. I mean, you have track record — now you know as well as — everybody knows. I guess they’re doing an investigation.”

4. “Drudge says Elizabeth Warren, it’s hers to lose, you have Bernie, Mayor Pete, Kamala Harris, whatever. Then you look at their positions. Top marginal tax rate 70 percent. Ninety percent corporate-tax rate. The New Green Deal, $96 trillion in ten years, Medicare for All, no private option. You come to a running against one of those, who do you think it is?”

5. “Based on a very minor conversation with the president of a country who just got elected — nice guy, it was really a congratulatory conversation — the first page is, you know, congratulations on your win, et cetera, et cetera. Couldn’t have been nicer. I tell you, Lindsay Graham said — when he read it, he said, ‘I never knew that Trump was that nice a person.’”

6. “Yes. They see what’s going on. They see the level of popularity when they look at Minnesota. Minneapolis was incredible. When they look at Dallas. When they look at Louisiana. When they look at North Carolina, the two seats we just picked up. They see what’s going on. That’s what they’re doing. Congressman Al Green, a Democrat, said we have to impeach him because he’s going to win.”

7. “Well, obviously, you know, you talk about it hurting the country. He said, we better impeach him, because he’s — we’re not going to be able to beat him. That was the phrase.”

8. “Yes — it was parody. So this is a corrupt politician. He should be impeached. And Nancy Pelosi should be impeached. They should not allow this, with that it’s possibly going to help, you know, from the standpoint of winning the election. I don’t know. They say it’s going to help a lot with respect to winning the House back, but it’s not the right thing.”

9. “I want to go to the double standard again; whether it’s the dossier, whether it’s Ukraine helping and interfering on our elections, whether — there is no quid pro quo. Then you can add Hunter Biden and Joe Biden on tape bragging about using taxpayer dollars to demand the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor. Hunter Biden admits no experience Ukraine, China. No experience in oil, gas, energy, or private equity. Millions of dollars … Why was he given that money? Would anyone else get that money?”

Answers below the video of the full interview:

[1. Hannity. 2. Hannity. 3. Trump. 4. Hannity. 5. Trump. 6. Trump. 7. Hannity. 8. Trump. 9. Hannity.]

Trump/Hannity Quiz: Can You Tell ‘Questions’ From ‘Answers’?