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RNC Pays $100K to Protect Donald Trump Jr., a Precious Baby Snowflake

Donald Trump Jr. visits SiriusXM Studios on October 31. Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

Like any new author, Donald Trump Jr. is flush with the glow of his professional success. His beloved child, known to the rest of us as Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, is now out in the world. Trump now faces a familiar fear. Will the rest of the world love his progeny as much as he does? Or will we reject it, unprepared for its mighty message? Fortunately, Trump did not have to leave much to chance. Consider this tweet, which he sent a week ago to celebrate the book’s appearance on the New York Times best-seller list:

By “deplorables,” the biggest little Trump presumably referred to the Republican National Committee. As many gleeful liberals pointed out at the time, there’s an interesting little symbol next to Triggered’s name. It tells us that Triggered did not take the customary path to the best-seller list. Instead, it was helped along by bulk purchases. Reporters had already noted that the Republican National Committee had given away signed copies of the book to anyone who donated at least $50. On Thursday, Nick Confessore of the New York Times reported that the RNC had paid Books-A-Million nearly $100,000 for a onetime order ahead of the publication of Trump’s book.

BuzzFeed News later confirmed that the RNC had purchased copies of Trump’s book. Michael Joyce, an RNC spokesperson, told BuzzFeed that the committee had raised around $500,000 from fundraising off the book. The junior Trump just needed a bit of a boost, as is traditional for members of his family. His progenitor, Donald, inherited the seeds of his fortune from his own father. It’s nice of the RNC to help carry on this proud nepotistic legacy. Were it not for their generosity, Trump’s book might not have made it to the best-seller list — and that might have hurt his feelings. He’s a sensitive soul, damaged by decades spent in the futile pursuit of his father’s love and respect. He even craves recognition in the pages of the Times, though he’s attacked the paper for years as a “failing” source of “fake news” and anti-conservative bigotry. Trump is a thirsty boy, made piteous and loathsome by his own desperate need for public approval. In the hideous event that his book failed to sell, he might have been, well, it’s just too easy. Sunlight isn’t good for snowflakes.

RNC Protects Donald Trump Jr., a Precious Baby Snowflake