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Trump Says Environmentalists, Not Orange Makeup, Turned Him Orange

The light bulbs are definitely what’s making him orange. Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images

President Trump, speaking from inside the White House, delivered a series of bizarre remarks about his plans to weaken environmental regulations. Trump claimed water conservation standards have gotten so tight that toilets frequently require people to flush ten or 15 times in a single trip:

Ten or fifteen times? What people? And what they eating that is causing this? Trump did not say.

The President also added that he intends to weaken standards of electricity usage in light bulbs. The new, efficient bulb “doesn’t make you look as good. … It gives you an orange look. I don’t want an orange look.”

It is interesting that Trump blames efficiency standards for his orange look. Trump, unlike most Americans, reportedly keeps a container of Bronx Colors brand face makeup, plus two full backup containers, in his bedroom at all times, and constantly needs new shirts because the thick makeup leaves “rust-colored stains on the collars.” Very few people have a problem with looking orange all the time, even though everybody has to use light bulbs that conform to EPA standards. Logic would seem to dictate the makeup he slathers onto his skin, rather than the light bulbs, are causing his orange appearance.

But, sure, maybe it’s the Deep State. Or perhaps the problem is whatever diet he’s consuming that is causing him to leave epic, 15-flush poops.

Trump Says Environmentalists, Not Makeup, Turned Him Orange