Amy Klobuchar Hints at Declassifying UFO Info If Elected

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In an interview this week, Amy Klobuchar suggested that she’d be open to revealing government secrets concerning UFOs if she’s elected president.

The subject came up during an interview with the Conway Daily Sun, a New Hampshire daily. Months ago, a reporter with the paper asked Klobuchar about New Hampshire–native David Fravor, the former Navy pilot who first saw the now-infamous “Tic Tac” UFO in 2004.

The Minnesota senator said she would look into the incident, and this week she confirmed that she did. She also signaled an openness to greater government transparency on the issue.

“I think we don’t know enough … I don’t know what’s happened, not just with that sighting, but with others,” she said. “And I think one of the things a president could do is to look into what’s there in terms of what does the science say; what does our military say.

“Here’s the interesting part of that answer is that some of this stuff is really old … So, why can’t you see if you can let some of that out for the public so earnest journalists like you who are trying to get the bottom of the truth would be able to see it?” she asked rhetorically.

At least two other Democratic candidates have suggested an interest in revealing government secrets related to UFOs. In August, Bernie Sanders said if he finds evidence of aliens when he’s in the White House, he’d reveal it on Joe Rogan’s podcast. And the month before that, Andrew Yang told CBS News that as a “huge fan of transparency,” he’d “love” to declassify alien info.

“If I become privy to any information about aliens or Area 51 or anything that I am able to share, I will share it,” Yang said.

Amy Klobuchar Hints at Declassifying UFO Info If Elected