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AOC Appeases Critics With Something Everyone Likes

Photo: John Lamparski / Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

First-term representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made substantial progress in her battle to stifle her many critics from both parties with the debut of a new surrogate on her team that all pols can agree on. It’s a dog! As her Instagram post on Monday revealed, she purchased a French bulldog that she has yet to name.

In the announcement of the career-defining news, AOC promised that her new companion will be a “community pup,” suggesting the Frenchie will make appearances both in D.C. and in her district in the Bronx and Queens — going the route of Elizabeth Warren’s public wonder, Bailey, rather than that of Joe Biden’s underreported but altogether very good German shepherds, Champ and Major.

Presumably, both parties are thrilled by the development, though it’s unlikely that one of AOC’s greatest critics, the president, will be moved. In the past, Trump has not held most canines in high estimation or had a strong understanding of what could be described as “doglike”; he frequently states that people are “fired like a dog,” even though military, police, and other employed dogs usually receive nice retirement ceremonies or honorable discharges.

AOC Appeases Critics With Something Everyone Likes