GOP Congressman Says Democrats Are in ‘Love With Terrorists’

“If Democrats love terrorists so much why don’t they marry them?” Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/Getty Images

Republican Doug Collins, a congressman from Georgia, said Wednesday that Democrats “are in love with terrorists.” He also accused his Democratic colleagues of mourning slain Iranian General Qasem Soleimani more than “our Gold Star families who were the ones who suffered under Soleimani.”

The comments were made to Fox News’ Lou Dobbs, who asked Collins about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plans to hold a vote Thursday on a War Powers Resolution to limit President Trump’s actions in Iran.

In a tweet Friday, Collins apologized, saying he does not in fact think that Democrats are “in love” with terrorists.

Collins isn’t the only one spouting this nonsense. Nikki Haley, also speaking on Fox News this week, said Democrats are “mourning the loss of Soleimani.” Kellyanne Conway said Democrats are “alarmists and apologists” who show “sympathy for Soleimani.”

In reality, no Democrats have shown sympathy for Soleimani, and many went out of their way to note what a bad guy he was before criticizing Trump’s decision to have him killed. What makes the comments even more absurd, though, is that Trump’s Republican allies are falsely accusing Democrats of doing things Trump has actually done.

He has literally claimed that he and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un “fell in love.” And as far as respect for Gold Star families goes, there’s only one person in Washington who’s engaged in a protracted, personal spat with one and he’s sitting in the White House.

GOP Congressman: Democrats Are in “Love With Terrorists”