Survey: Most Americans Can’t Find Iran on a Map

Hmmmm. Photo: Bernard Hoffman/The LIFE Picture Collection via

Fewer than a quarter of registered voters were able to identify Iran on a world map in a survey conducted by Morning Consult over the weekend. Just 23 percent of poll respondents were able to properly pick out Iran; When presented with a smaller map, showing just the Middle East, the number rose to 28 percent.

Morning Consult’s Joanna Piacenza tweeted a map of the world showing where people think Iran is located.

Men, wealthy people, and those with more education were more likely to correctly label Iran. But it’s clear that some of the answers are not serious. No one thinks Iran is in the middle of the ocean or the middle of Kansas. Right?

Piacenza tweeted that she was inspired by a similar survey conducted in 2017 that asked Americans to try to find North Korea on a map. Thirty-six percent were able to meet that challenge.

Survey: Most Americans Can’t Find Iran on a Map