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Andrew Yang Drops Out of Presidential Race

The math just didn’t add up. Photo: Tom Brenner/Getty Images

Andrew Yang’s long-shot bid for the Democratic presidential nomination is over. With New Hampshire’s results fast arriving on Tuesday night — and Yang’s support barely registering for the second straight contest — it was obvious to the candidate and his campaign that they’d reached the end of the line.

“I am the math guy and it is clear tonight from the numbers that we are not going to win this race,” Yang told supporters on Tuesday night.

“I am not someone who wants to accept donations and support in a race that we will not win.”

Yang’s campaign manager, Zach Graumann, told PBS that “It was an honor and disappointment for [Yang] to be the only person of color on that debate stage and left in the race at a high level.”

“It’s not reflective of the entire country,” he added.

But the Yang Gang shouldn’t lose all hope, because their candidate wants to seek office again — potentially in New York City, as Edward-Issac Dovere reported Tuesday night at the Atlantic:

The end of Yang 2020 does not mean the end of Yang. At all. He’s already mapping out a future in which he continues to activate his devoted Yang Gang, envisioning big events in cities where his supporters are concentrated. He’s looking at another run for office. He’s not ruling out running for mayor of New York City next year, though that doesn’t seem to be where his heart is. He’d like to run for president again, but he’s definitely interested in something executive. He’s also ready to throw himself into the 2020 campaign through the fall, if the Democratic nominee asks, because he is a committed Democrat.

Several fellow Democratic candidates extolled Yang’s virtues after news of his exit from the primary broke:

Andrew Yang Drops Out of Presidential Race