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Klobuchar Criticizes Buttigieg for Wanting to Watch Cartoons Instead of Impeachment

Photo: Charles Krupa/AP

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar does not seem to possess fuzzy feelings toward political phenom and current New Hampshire co-front-runner Pete Buttigieg — at previous debates, she’s gone after the former South Bend mayor for his spotty electoral history. On Friday night, Klobuchar again trained her fire on Buttigieg. This time, she focused on Buttigieg’s positioning of himself an outsider, focusing on a recent comment that when he tunes into congressional drama on television, he feels the urge to “switch it off and just watch cartoons or something.” Klobuchar was having none of Buttigieg’s brickbats, issuing a full-throated defense of her Washington experience. Watch below:

Now that Buttigieg has vaulted to the the first tier of candidates, he can probably expect to take more frequent direct criticism from the other Democratic hopefuls on and off the debate stage.

Klobuchar Knocks Buttigieg for Wanting to Watch Cartoons