Marco Rubio Looks Panicked in Video Urging People Not to Panic Over Coronavirus

Marco Rubio is not nervous about coronavirus. Nope. Not at all. Photo: @marcorubio/Twitter

Marco Rubio on Wednesday urged Americans not to panic over the coronavirus in a video that looks like it was recorded in his doomsday bunker.

“A lot of people freaking out this morning about coronavirus,” the Florida senator says at the start of the video, as his eyes nervously dart around a small room. He goes on to list all the reasons why it’s “not a time to panic.”

Rubio’s words might project confidence, but the black-and-white footage, camera angle, and paranoid glances suggest coronavirus-infected zombies are seconds away from breaking down his door and devouring him.

Rubio Looks Panicked in Video Urging Calm Over Coronavirus