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Warren Goes After Sanders in South Carolina Debate

Photo: Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who opened last week’s Democratic primary debate in Nevada with a brutal attack on Michael Bloomberg, used her first remarks in Tuesday’s debate to attack front-runner Bernie Sanders — the most direct criticism she has yet leveled at the candidate.

In an attempt to draw a contrast with Sanders, arguing that she is the one who has successfully worked to implement the policies they both believe in, she quickly transitioned to health care.

“Bernie and I both want to see universal health care,” she said. “But Bernie’s plan doesn’t explain how we’re going to get there.” After noting she had released a detailed plan to fund and implement Medicare for All, she added, “I dug in, I did the work, and then Bernie’s team trashed me for it.”

“We need a president who’s actually going to dig in and do the hard work and actually get it done,” she said.

“I would be a better president than Bernie,” she continued, claiming the upcoming election was progressives’ “one shot” to bring change.

Watch the moment below:

Warren Goes After Sanders in South Carolina Debate