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Everything We Know About the Shooting in Milwaukee at the Molson Coors Campus

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Five people were shot and killed Wednesday on the campus of the Molson Coors beer company, according to police officials. “There are multiple people who have died, I believe, including the shooter,” said Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett in a press conference. Milwaukee police said that as of 5:30 p.m., there was no longer an active threat at the scene. Below is everything we know so far about the shooting.

Shooting reportedly began around 2 p.m.

According to a local ABC affiliate, reports of the shooting first came in around 2 p.m. A recording made by the police dispatcher originally said that there was one person shot and that the Molson Coors campus was an “unsafe scene.” When officers arrived, they found people performing CPR on a shooting victim.

During the shooting, Molson Coors employees received texts that read “Find a safe place, active shooter on campus / Reply with YES to confirm receipt.”

The shooter was reportedly an ex-employee of Molson Coors

According to preliminary information provided to ABC News, the shooter, a 51-year-old employee, was fired earlier in the day on Wednesday, and returned to the campus with a gun. Officials say that at least eight people were shot. Both the FBI and the ATF responded to the scene to assist local law enforcement. Police chief Alfonso Morales confirmed that the gunman was dead, and that it appeared he killed himself after shooting his fellow employees. The company has closed the campus, which serves as Molson Coors headquarters, for the rest of the week.

The Victims

Police reportedly stated that all five victims were found in the same building as the shooter. Milwaukee police added that the public will not know the identities of the victims for 24 hours, as families are notified.

Politicians Respond

At the beginning of his press conference to address the government response to the Covid-19 novel coronavirus, President Trump said, “We send our condolences. We’ll be with them. And it is a terrible thing. Terrible thing. So our hearts go out to the people of Wisconsin and to the families.”

This is a developing story and will be continuously updated.

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