A 1,809-Person Poll

On Wednesday, March 11, we asked New Yorkers how they were coping. We got a lot of answers.

L Train at Sixth Avenue on March 12. Photo: David Williams
L Train at Sixth Avenue on March 12. Photo: David Williams

How afraid are you of coronavirus?

I’m not very concerned about getting it, but it’s probably going to make a mess: 37%
I’ll probably get it, and I’m not looking forward to having a flu: 30%
This is about to get extremely bad: 30%
Sure, it’s bad but this seems a little much; it’s just a tough flu: 3%

Which location do you find the scariest?

Public transportation: 79%
Your workplace: 9%
Your doctor’s office: 5%
Your gym: 3%
Restaurants and bars: 3%
Your kid’s school: 1%

55% have stocked up on nonperishables and cleaning items …

63% are working remotely …

59% have canceled plans.

How many days do you think you could survive on what you have?

1-3 days: 14%
3-6 days: 26%
7-10 days: 30%
10-14 days: 17%
15+ days: 13%

Do you think the media has overblown the threat?

Totally: 3%
Significantly: 8%
Somewhat: 22%
A tiny bit: 25%
Not at all: 42%

Have you booked a cheap flight?

No: 58%
Not yet, but I might: 35%
Yes: 7%

What’s the last thing you’ll give up?

Going out eating and drinking: 37%
Seeing relatives: 26%
Other: 18% “Going to work.” “My wedding is in two weeks.” “Meditation meeting.” “Sending my kid to day care.” “Daily coffee-shop visit.”
Going to the gym: 17%
Dating: 2%

What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made?

“I work as an event planner, and all of our events through May have been canceled. We are a small business and worried about not being able to keep all of our employees.”

“Having to listen to my boyfriend, who is obsessed, constantly talk about the coronavirus and give me real-time updates on every damn thing that hits the news.”

“I’m just anxious all the time. I’m less concerned about getting/surviving the virus than I am with how people are panicking.”

“Cutting contact with my daughter. She has children in school. I live in shared housing with seniors.”

“Stopped visiting my brother in the hospital. He just had a stroke. He told me and his friends and family not to come.”

“I am immunocompromised and have reactive-airway disorder. I live with the dread of wondering if I’ll be dead in a few weeks.”

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