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Elizabeth Warren Drops Out of Presidential Race

Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren intends to drop out of the race for president Thursday, according to multiple reports.

Her exit from the Democratic presidential primary leaves Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Tulsi Gabbard as the only remaining candidates from a once enormous field of Democrats.

CNN’s MJ Lee reports that Warren told her staff on a call Wednesday that she refuses “to let disappointment blind me, or you, to what we’ve accomplished.” She reportedly added, “We didn’t reach our goal, but what we have done together — what you have done — has made a lasting difference. It’s not the scale of the difference we wanted to make, but it matters — and the changes will have ripples for years to come.”

Warren’s decision to drop out comes two days after a disappointing showing on Super Tuesday, which included a third place finish in her own home state. She did not finish above third place in any of the day’s contests.

According to the New York Times, Warren has no plans to announce an endorsement Thursday.

President Trump weighed in on Warren’s leaving the race by further attempting to drive a wedge between Sanders supporters and the rest of the Democratic party.

Elizabeth Warren Drops Out of Presidential Race