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Laura Ingraham: Benghazi Proof Hillary Would Have Bungled Coronavirus

Photo: @MattGertz/Twitter

Fox News hosts continued their coronavirus-fueled descent into (even more) madness Tuesday, with two high-profile hosts shoehorning mention of some of the right’s favorite, but completely unrelated issues into its coronavirus coverage.

First, Sean Hannity brought up gun violence in Chicago, a topic conservatives only mention about when they want to make a political point. Hannity’s point? That the media’s outsized focus on coronavirus, rather than recent shootings in Chicago, is proof of bias against President Trump.

“Put it in perspective. Twenty-six people were shot in Chicago alone over the weekend,” he said in an attempt to minimize the seriousness of the coronavirus, which has infected at least 1,015 Americans and killed 31. “I doubt you heard about it. You notice there’s no widespread hysteria about violence in Chicago. And this has now gone on for years and years and years. By the way, Democratic-run cities, we see a lot of that.”

Later, Hannity’s colleague Laura Ingraham did him one better and found a way to bring Hillary Clinton and Benghazi into her coverage of coronavirus.

After praising Trump’s economy and his widely-panned handling of the outbreak, she pivoted to a hypothetical: “What if the Wuhan virus had hit after Hillary Clinton had won the presidency? If her handling of Benghazi is any guide, it would have been a nightmare. And certainly her economy would have already stalled.”

The irony of her remarks is that, over in reality, Trump’s handling of the virus has been a real nightmare and his economy? Things aren’t looking so great there either.

Laura Ingraham: Hillary Would Have Bungled Coronavirus