Scenes From Your Pandemic

New Yorker Milton Arellano sent in this image and explained that it was part of a project he started last month shooting photographs of his (socially distant) friends. Photo: Milton Arellano

We recently asked New York readers to share scenes from their daily lives during the coronavirus pandemic for a new series we hope will help all of us see beyond our limited perspectives amid this unprecedented and often isolating experience. Your response has been overwhelming. In less than 48 hours, we received more than 300 submissions from well over 100 readers — mostly from in and around New York City but also from as far away as Sydney, Australia. The submissions have included everything from socially distanced encounters with neighbors to essential-worker tributes to remote piano lessons to countless views observed from walks, rooftops, and apartment windows.

As a result, here is the first of many collections of reader images from this open-ended series. We hope you will continue to share your own scenes with us by emailing them to

Photo: Christie Nicholson

“Hanging the clothes every day has provided an unexpected moment of contemplation for my daughter (7 yrs) and me. And a bonus: The constraint of finding alternative ways to do things has illuminated better ways… for instance, I won’t go back to using the dryer. The sunlight and breeze do a better job! And better for the earth.”

Manhattan. Photo: Charly Parsons

Reader and NYC health-care worker Kristen Floersheimer explains, “We wrote a message in our hospital floor window for everyone to see, and my neighbor has been really remarkable at catching pictures from the window of his apartment of me/my coworkers at the hospital.”

Photo: Amy Lee
Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Photo: Allison Duke

“I noticed a girl reading very peacefully in the window on a walk in Greenpoint. Something I have observed over the last few weeks is that people are really letting the outside, in. Opening up windows, doors, whatever they can do to feel the life of the city in their homes.”

Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn. Photo: Oku Okoko
First Avenue in the East Village, Manhattan. Photo: Charles Restrepo
Sydney, Australia. Photo: Millie Bartlett

“I live on the edge of Sydney’s CBD. Early this morning, with the help of some fruit, these rainbow lorikeets arrived.”

Columbia Waterfront, Brooklyn. Photo: Deanna Raso

“My son, Frank, documenting the arrival of USNS Comfort from our rooftop, Columbia Waterfront, Brooklyn.”

Photo: Lauren Leibowitz

“This is my only friend in isolation, a carrot I bought from the Lucky Dog farmstand at the Fort Greene Greenmarket a few weeks ago.”

We’ll publish the next collection tomorrow and hope you’ll keep the submissions coming — you can send them in by emailing

Scenes From Your Pandemic