Scenes From Your Pandemic

Photo: Noah Ross

We recently asked New York readers to share scenes from their daily lives during the coronavirus pandemic for a new series we hope will help all of us see beyond our limited perspectives amid this unprecedented and often isolating experience. The hundreds of submissions you’ve sent in have included everything from socially distanced encounters with neighbors to essential-worker tributes to bedroom fencing to countless views observed from walks, webcams, and improvised home offices.

Here is another collection of reader images from this open-ended series. We hope you will continue to share your own scenes with us by emailing them to The first installments of the series are here and here.

Regarding the above photo, reader Noah captions, “A neighbor was kind enough to take my photo while jumping rope.”

Elmhurst, Queens, New York City Photo: Jennifer Vasquez

“Living in the building across the street from Elmhurst hospital. Some of us only have each other’s windows to look at.”

Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City Photo: Ysabel Cacho

“It’s a very surreal experience to walk around and see the usual places of gatherings like bars, churches, and Lincoln Center plaza empty. Sometimes it feels daunting to see these scenes day after day, but I take comfort in knowing, as Lincoln Center put it, that this is a short intermission.”

Photo: Oksana Khariv
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, New York Photo: Deirdre Corley

“Our much-beloved corner store on Clinton St in Carroll Gardens closed about a week ago, which felt like a real blow. Since then, people have turned the newspaper stands into a little library of free books.”

Washington, D.C. Photo: Katie Floersheimer

“I have to take my one year old out for a walk each afternoon or he will go crazy. We walked past the US Capitol Building and, but for the wind, we were completely alone.”

Brooklyn, New York Photo: David Faitelson

“Zoom kindergarten remote learning!”

Photo: Giovana Melo

“I’m a New York City based flight attendant who is still working during this pandemic. Life for me looks like a lot of empty trains, planes and airports.”

Brooklyn, New York Photo: James Chang
Photo: Debjani Sarkar

“One of the many walks that I and my 11-year-old son took through the woods and the trails… it brought us joy and pleasure as we smelled the spring blooms and breathed in fresh air! Grateful!”

We’ll publish the next collection soon and hope you’ll keep the submissions coming — you can send them in by emailing

Scenes From Your Pandemic