scenes from your pandemic

Scenes From Your Pandemic

Photo: Kate Allgood Cowley

We recently asked New York readers to share scenes from their daily lives during the coronavirus pandemic for a new open-ended series we hope will help all of us see beyond our limited perspectives amid this unprecedented and often isolating experience. Here is another collection of your images. We hope you will continue to share your own scenes with us by emailing them to View the previous installment here or browse the series archive here.

Manhattan, New York City. Photo: Aaron Glick

“A woman walking her pet tortoise on Riverside Drive at 106th street.”

Brooklyn, New York. Photo: Francesca Magnani
Photo: Heather Ehrlich

“How many times I’ve called unemployment. My phone only goes up to 200, but I called over 1,100 times last week and still didn’t get in touch with anyone.”

London, England Photo: Zeynep Onal Turan

“Here is a scene from my quarantine days in London. It was fear at first; big uncertainty. Then anger kicked in, feeling trapped and not having control of my freedom. Now it is mainly gratitude, finding positivity in slowing down, appreciating all front-line workers. And knowing how we react is our biggest freedom.”

Photo: Erin Magill
Photo: Erin Magill

Scenes captured by reader Erin while making home deliveries of food in Brooklyn through the In It Together project.

Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York City. Photo: Kat Griffin
Photo: Jeanne O’Brien Ebiri

“My son Errol with his piano teacher, Daniel Yount, on Skype. He is playing, “Over the Rainbow” here, his current song. His teacher is the drummer in Super Yamba Band.”

Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York. Photo: Amy Sirot

“Geese crossing under the Manhattan Bridge.”

You can view the rest of the series here. We’ll publish the next collection tomorrow morning and hope you’ll keep the submissions coming — you can send them in by emailing

Scenes From Your Pandemic