Scenes From Your Pandemic

Photo: Jeremy Cohen

In a matter of weeks, the coronavirus outbreak has transformed New York and the lives of its residents unlike any event in living memory. Being a New Yorker has always been an unprecedented shared experience, yet this event — with no end in sight — has in so many ways reduced our perspectives and kept us apart. Here at New York, we continue to try to expand your view of this crisis and what it means while all of us are stuck at home. We’ve shared and written about what we’ve been able to learn and see, and now we want to share what you can see too.

Photo: Erin Jang

So we are launching a new feature — and asking for your help. We’ve already been polling readers about their experiences. Now we’re asking you to send in photos that show us what those experiences look like. What have you noticed? What do you want us — and your fellow New York readers — to have a chance to view? After all, it’s your publication, too.

Photo: Dick Kranzler

This is not a photography contest; anyone can participate. We just want to see and share what life under the pandemic in New York (or outside New York!) looks like from your eyes.

Photo: Max Guliani

You can share your photographs by emailing them to us at We will go through your images and compile and publish them as often as we can.

Scenes From Your Pandemic