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TV Anchors’ Coronavirus Broadcasting Challenges Keep Piling Up

Photo: @AndrewFeinberg/Twitter

The coronavirus shutdown has already transformed local TV news, boosting viewership by as much as 30 percent — though stations haven’t been able to capitalize on increased viewership due to a severe dip in ad revenue — while requiring anchors to figure out how to broadcast from home. And unlike national news broadcasts that are able to build backdrops that mimic their pre-pandemic studios, local hosts are improvising in more humble home-office spaces.

One of those hosts is Paul Dellegatto, chief meteorologist at Fox News 13-Tampa Bay in Florida, whose dog, Brody, interrupted the broadcast after the golden retriever hit Dellegatto’s computer with his head, throwing off the weather map.

Brody — whose picture is framed on Dellegatto’s desk behind him — further disrupted the broadcast, getting a close-up when he went to say hello to the cameraman positioned outside the room.

While there were some showers expected for the Tampa Bay region, Dellegatto had a more promising forecast for Brody: “We’re going to eat after this.”

TV Hosts’ Coronavirus Broadcasting Challenges Keep Piling Up