scenes from your pandemic

Scenes From Your Pandemic

Times Square, Manhattan Photo: Sam Erickson

We recently asked New York readers to share scenes from their daily lives during the coronavirus pandemic for a new open-ended series we hope will help all of us see beyond our limited perspectives amid this unprecedented and often isolating experience. Here is another collection of your images. We hope you will continue to share your own scenes with us by emailing them to View the previous installment here, or browse the series archive here.

Regarding the above photo, reader Sam captions, “I hadn’t been in the city for almost two months, since my employer told us to work from home on March 12. On May 5 I rode my bike into Times Square at morning rush hour to see what it looked like. I think it is very important that people around the country realize that NYC has only flattened its curve because of being shut down and that it remains shut down at this time two months later. As I was looking around I saw these two people dancing and quickly grabbed my iPhone. It seemed to be some kind of art project but I never asked them why they were doing that. I love the colors and the pose and how fragile the small people look in the huge empty metropolis.”

Soho, Manhattan. Photo: Kyle Terboss
Photo: Kelly Sudderth-Truscott

“Overheard in the household on business day 8 of working at home:

1. ‘Are you going to put that away?’
2. ‘Want a drink?’
3.‘The dog needs to go out.’
4. ‘Don’t worry, I wouldn’t want to be quarantined with me either.’
5. And (delivered in a whisper yell) ‘I’M ON A CALL!’”

Port Washington, New York. Photo: Rebecca Lermsider

“My grandma (cutie waving in the middle) and her friends meeting up in a Long Island shopping center.”

Asbury Park, NJ. Photo: Vivienne Maricevic

“Gal cutting hair of friend on house porch on Third Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ.”

Photo: Aileen Ramia
Photo: Aileen Ramia

“My husband and I have tried, to the extent possible, to maintain a degree of normalcy for our kids during this not-so-normal time. Last week, my oldest turned 5 and we gifted him the pedal bike we had promised him which husband has since been teaching him to ride on. Aside from a helmet, bike lessons now always include a mask. The below photo depicts my daily scene watching my kids do their Zoom meetings with their classmates each morning in their room as I look on from the dining area where I work.”

Photo: Aileen Ramia
Kensington, Brooklyn. Photo: Chas Danner

“At least the bees still get to dine in.”

Southampton, New York. Photo: Juliana Camacho Sánchez
Photo: Blake Kunin
Photo: Emily Murphy
Photo: Emily Murphy

“Surprisingly colorful!”

Karachi, Pakistan Photo: Suraiya Ishaque

“Stay home and watch a master spinner get to work.”

Washington, D.C. Photo: Matailong Du

“I’ve been documenting the street life through my apartment window in D.C.’s NoMa neighborhood.”

Inwood, Manhattan. Photo: Elise Kowalick

“Dating is pretty weird during a pandemic. Here is my boyfriend, a PA at New York Presbyterian, and I on a few six foot dates. Life’s weird.”

Fort Tryon Park, Manhattan. Photo: Elise Kowalick
Photo: Robert Blue

“I had a surprise Zoom birthday party for my boyfriend and hired Bubbles, the incomparable NYC legend, to sing happy birthday as Marilyn Monroe.”

You can view the rest of the series here. We’ll publish the next collection soon and hope you’ll keep the submissions coming — you can send them in by emailing

Scenes From Your Pandemic