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Watch: Andrew Cuomo Invited Chris Rock and Rosie Perez to His Daily Presser

Chris Rock and Rosie Perez joined Andrew Cuomo Thursday. Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose response to the coronavirus pandemic has landed him on the cover of Rolling Stone, was joined at his daily press conference Thursday by two actual celebrities. Chris Rock and Rosie Perez, two Brooklynites, took the stage with Cuomo and offered him glowing praise while encouraging New Yorkers to wear face coverings.

“I watch you every single day,” Rock said. “You bring me calm. You bring me joy every single day.”

Perez praised Cuomo too. “He’s been such an amazing leader during this crisis,” she said.

Rock also cracked a few jokes. “I got the test today. I got a 65,” he said. Rock encouraged people to get tested for COVID-19 and make it a “festive occasion” by taking their friends and family.

On Twitter, Cuomo attempted a joke too.

Cuomo said Rock and Perez will make a series of PSAs encouraging New Yorkers to wear masks and take other safety measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, Rock said, he’s seeing only about 40 percent of people wear masks in Brooklyn. Perez said she’s seen plenty of hipsters and yuppies not wearing them too.

Watch: Chris Rock and Rosie Perez Want You to Wear a Mask