Scenes From the Enduring Protests in New York

Fifth Avenue, near Trump Tower and the Louis Vuitton store. Photo: Mark Clennon

The protests aren’t going anywhere. Demonstrations in New York have entered their fourth week following the police killing of George Floyd, and the momentum on the streets looks like it may last all summer. On Sunday — the day that over 15,000 people marched in Brooklyn to celebrate and defend black trans lives — photographer Mark Clennon captured protests in Manhattan, as marchers walked from Trump Tower to African Square in Harlem. Protesters continue to get results: On Monday, the NYPD announced it would disband its 600-officer plainclothes anti-crime unit responsible for an alarming number of police shootings. Below are some of Clennon’s scenes from Sunday’s march.

A protest leader gives a speech in front of Trump Tower. Photo: Mark Clennon
Near Trump Tower. Photo: Mark Clennon
Black women were instructed to stand while everyone else kneeled in a demonstration on Fifth Avenue. Photo: Mark Clennon
Photo: Mark Clennon
Walking north on Fifth Avenue after passing Trump Tower. Photo: Mark Clennon
African Square in Harlem. Photo: Mark Clennon
Father and daughter on 125th Street just past Apollo Theater. Photo: Mark Clennon
A protester overlooks the crowd at 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard. Photo: Mark Clennon
Marching on 125th Street. Photo: Mark Clennon
Scenes From the Enduring Protests in New York