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Is the Innovation Economy Over?

The good old days? Photo: AFP via Getty Images

On the latest episode of the Pivot Schooled Live series, Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway discussed how much the supremacy of a company’s product still matters in 2020, and to what extent innovation has been co-opted by huge companies that can hire inexpensive labor and create the illusion of forward progress. Swisher contended that companies need to prove themselves to consumers to really succeed, but Galloway argued that a “cheap capital economy” that thrives on the exploitation of workers has taken over the American entrepreneurial model that had been ascendant since the 1970s.

Later in the show, Galloway and Swisher spoke with Sarah Friar, CEO of NextDoor, and Rana Yared, a general partner at Balderton Capital — and played trivia with tech journalists Casey Newton and Taylor Lorenz.

Versions of the live episodes will appear on the Pivot podcast feed in the weeks to come.

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Is the Innovation Economy Over?