Rand Paul Says Washington Police Saved Him From BLM ‘Mob’

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Shortly after President Trump delivered his soporific Republican National Convention closing speech at the White House Thursday night, Kentucky senator Rand Paul was surrounded by Black Lives Matter protesters as he made his way from the event.

Footage shows Paul and his wife flanked by Washington, D.C., police officers as the sign-holding protesters yell at the senator. Another video shows a seemingly bigger crowd following Paul and continuing to yell at him, with one woman repeating the Black Lives Matter slogan “say her name” as he walks to his hotel. Police officers warn the crowd to move back. At one point, a scuffle breaks out between one of the protesters and a police officer carrying a bike; Paul appears rattled and quickens his pace after speaking to the officer.

The senator was one of several attendees of Trump’s speech whom protesters jeered as they left the White House.

Though the scene was tense, the senator did not appear to be in serious danger at any point. That did not stop Paul from framing the proceedings as life or death on Twitter:

Rand Paul Says Washington Police Saved Him From BLM ‘Mob’