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Google’s CEO Doesn’t Buy That Tech Giants Are Stifling Competition

Pichai, Swisher, and Galloway on Wednesday. Photo: New York Magazine

On the latest episode of Pivot Schooled Live, Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway spoke with Google CEO Sundar Pichai about whether the company is interested in acquiring TikTok, what it’s learned from company walkouts over sexual harassment, and more. Galloway and Swisher had discussed a persistent Pivot theme earlier in the show — that the coronavirus pandemic is acting as an accelerant for trends that were already causing the huge tech players to become even more powerful. Galloway put a reasonable question to Pichai concerning the giant he presides over, which dominates search: “Can you think of another sector that’s over $100 billion where one player has a 93% share and isn’t regulated?” Pichai responded by emphasizing the ephemerality of previous near-monopolies, and the constantly shifting ways people consume information. Watch the exchange below:

Also on Wednesday’s episode, Swisher and Galloway spoke with antitrust and copyright expert Tim Wu and tech journalist Casey Newton.

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Google’s CEO Doesn’t Think Tech Giants Stifle Competition