scenes from your election day

Scenes From Your Election Day

Upper East Side, New York City. Photo: Chris Lesko

With countless Americans already casting their votes across the country, we recently asked New York readers to share scenes from their election experiences (just as we did earlier this year on the topic of life under lockdown). We’ve already received a wave of submissions from readers near and far, and we hope you’ll keep them coming through Election Day. As seen in this first gallery, anything goes: your views from voting lines, proud or apprehensive selfies, and other signs of the impending election that you’ve noticed around your neighborhood.

More broadly, feel free to send images (and any accompanying stories) that capture how the election is affecting your life. (There is only one important caveat: Please do not send photos of your or anyone else’s completed ballot or pictures from inside your polling place, as these images are banned in many states — including New York.) You can share your images with us by emailing them to

Sacramento, California. Photo: Anna Schweissinger

“Here’s my Election Day selfie, taken at my local polling station, the Luthern Church of Our Redeemer. The only thing not pictured were disposable gloves, which I put on once I was inside of the polling station. I waited for maybe 15 minutes to vote, which is the longest that I’ve had to wait in line since voting on Election Day in 2008.”

Kingston, New York. Photo: Stan Smith

“My voting scene!”

The Bronx, New York City. Photo: Joan Greco

“In front of the Andrew Freedman House on the Grand Concourse on the first morning of early voting. Waited for two hours. Never felt happier on a long line in my life.”

Outside Madison Square Garden, New York City. Photo: Michael Palan

“With no games or concerts in sight, I cannot think of a better use for MSG than as a voting site. GO AMERICA!!”

Harlem, New York City. Photo: Michelle Bishop

We hope you will continue to share your own scenes with us by emailing them to

Scenes From Your Election Day