scenes from your election day

Scenes From Your Election Day

East Harlem, New York City. Photo: Janick Gilpin

With a record-smashing number of American voters casting their ballots early, we recently asked New York readers to share scenes from their election experiences (just as we did earlier this year on the topic of life under lockdown). We published the first gallery of submissions earlier this week, and we’re grateful to see so many more scenes and stories still coming in. As you can tell from this second gallery in the series, anything goes: how you spent your time waiting in line or who you met; joyous selfies; what you did with your “I voted” sticker; or pretty much anything that catches your eye, or tells a story, or somehow captures the feeling of this momentous election. (There is only one important caveat: Please do not send photos of your or anyone else’s completed ballot or pictures from inside your polling place, as these images are banned in many states — including New York.) You can share your images with us by emailing them to

The above image and the one below are some of the portraits that reader and documentary photographer Janick Gilpin took of voters during the first two days of early voting in East Harlem.

East Harlem, New York City. Photo: Janick Gilpin
Manhattan, New York City. Photo: Lisa Cohen

Above, reader Lisa shows off a free slice of pizza that she was given while waiting in line to vote at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. She also ran into SVU actress Mariska Hargitay (who was handing out “surprisingly delicious” cookies to voters), recounted how a guy behind her kept yelling “Is this the line for Cher?” — and included this post-vote selfie:

“Mission accomplished!” Photo: Lisa Cohen
Kingston, New York. Photo: Will Nixon

“The wait was two and a half hours on the first day of early voting. A small drumming circle kept us entertained. At the end this woman took off her mask to sing. My heart melted with hope.”

New York City. Photo: Lanna Apisukh

“After receiving the ‘I Voted Early’ sticker at my polling location, I put it on my cat, Dottie. It’s been a funny tradition of mine to give her my voting stickers and photograph it. She doesn’t seem to mind and I get some enjoyment out of it.”

102nd and Amsterdam, Upper West Side, New York City. Photo: Judith Wallace

“Good news is the wait was 45 minutes, down from four hours on days without cold and rain. Volunteers were real troopers, and passed out candy. Operations inside the gym were extremely efficient with constant attention to social distancing, health, and safety.”

San Francisco, California. Photo: Polly Sapakie

“On Election Day 2016, I remember feeling grateful my daughters would grow up having had a female as president … This year, we took our preschooler and first grader down to San Francisco City Hall, or ‘the castle,’ as they call it, to turn in our votes. They wanted to know if the queen was home, and I had to let them know she was not. The girls also received ‘I voted’ stickers. My first grader said we were voting for different people to make the United States better so no one would have to live in a tent. We then went to Smitten for some celebratory ice cream.”

Brooklyn, New York. Photo: Jacquelyn Rezza

“Me at Brooklyn College after waiting in line for three hours (100 percent worth it!!)”

Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York. Photo: Lisa Marie Bartelli

Above and below, scenes reader Lisa Marie captured while early voting at the Brooklyn Museum last Saturday.

Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York. Photo: Lisa Marie Bartelli
Reader Jeff and his 5-year-old granddaughter in Rockaway Beach, New York. Photo: Jeff George

“Reinforcing the importance that EVERYONE has a voice in voting!”

Thanks again to everyone who has sent in their images and stories. You can view more in the first gallery in the series. And we hope you will continue to share your own scenes with us by emailing them to

Scenes From Your Election Day