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Tucker Carlson Reports He Lost Only Copy of Documents That Nail Biden

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Trump campaign and its right-wing media messengers have devoted the final stretch of the election to insisting they had uncovered proof of deep corruption by the Biden family, along with demands that the mainstream media cover their allegations. (“Cover” means float insinuations of guilt, rather than nailing down the truth of the charges.)

There have been several fishy aspects to the accusations, however. For one, incriminating information supposedly located on a Hunter Biden laptop left in a Delaware computer shop had in fact been circulating in Ukraine well before it was reportedly turned over to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer. Over the weekend, Time reported that the Hunter Biden emails and photos were being shopped in Kiev last fall by somebody who “wanted to sell it to Republican allies of President Trump.” Several days later, Politico reported the “Hunter Biden laptop” material was being shopped around by a “Ukrainian oligarch looking for help with a potential legal jam” as early as spring of 2019.

Another oddity in the timing, as Andrew Prokop noticed, is that the star witness for Fox News and Trump, Tony Bobulinski, claimed he only came forward because he was outraged at the response to the New York Post story first reporting the email hacks. But Ben Smith reported in the New York Times that Bobulinski was working with Trump’s campaign to pitch the story to the Wall Street Journal, before they settled for giving it to the New York Post. (The Journal duly reported that they had no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden.)

On Wednesday night’s show, Tucker Carlson reported that his team had acquired incriminating documents. However, they sent them from Washington to Los Angeles, and the documents disappeared. And they neglected to make any copies. So now the only copy of the documents that would nail the probable next president of the United States are gone:

That just shows how desperate Biden is to make this story disappear and in no way reflects poorly on the credibility of the sources of this alleged scandal.

Update: UPS has found a package for Carlson, reports Will Sommer. The contents have been located and returned to Carlson, and do not appear to have fallen into the hands of the Biden campaign or the Deep State.

Tucker Carlson: We Lost Only Copy of Documents Nailing Biden