COVID Hospitalizations Break Record for 14th Day in a Row

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

On November 13, there were 61,964 coronavirus patients in hospital beds in the U.S., breaking a record previously set in April. Since then, the nation has broken its COVID hospitalization highs for 14 days in a row — with the current peak over 38 percent higher than it was just two weeks ago:

The surging hospitalization rate is just one of several indicators of the tremendous third wave of the coronavirus in the United States, where over 100,000 cases have reported every day for the past 20 days and more than 3 million new cases have been clocked in the first three weeks of November.

With cases spiking at a near-exponential rate, the pandemic will surely worsen in the coming months — with the first dose of a vaccine expected to be ready for the general public as early as April. With over 1 million travelers screened at U.S. airport-security checkpoints on Friday, and millions more projected for the coming holiday, Thanksgiving travel will surely expand the spread of the virus just as flu season begins, further stressing overwhelmed hospital systems throughout the nation.

To help limit the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S., where the virus has killed more than 257,000 people, state and local leaders are instituting new pandemic measures, including an order in Los Angeles County banning in-person dining for three weeks and the reopening of a COVID-19 field hospital on Staten Island.

COVID Hospitalizations Break Record for 14th Day in a Row